What Type of Energy Do You Possess During the Full Moon?

The full moon possesses a unique energy that can affect your spiritual energy on Earth. What type of energy do you have when the full moon is out?

Carly Wallace
Created by Carly Wallace
On May 9, 2023
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Did you know the full moon has the power to shift energies within our astral bodies and on Earth? How do you feel during the full moon? Sometimes the lunar energy can awaken powers like psychic abilities, heightened manifestation abilities, and vitality. Let's see which type of energy you possess during the full moon.

Which full moon crystal would you choose?

What type of meditation are you drawn to?

What is your thinking style?

Which food are you drawn to most?

Where would you meditate during the full moon?

Which spirit animal would guide you during the full moon?

How do you clear your energy?

What part of the day are you most energetic?

Which moon image draws you in most?

What is your mood right now?

You have...vitality energy!

You have...vitality energy!

Your vitality and health are augmented during the full moon. You may feel more energy, a higher mood, and generally a feeling of wellness.

You have..manifestation energy!

You have..manifestation energy!

The moon pulls energy towards you in the form of manifestation energy. You have a creative force within you and during the full moon, things just turn out well for you wherever you go. Your visualization powers are augmented and you can bring things into reality almost instantly!

You have...psychic energy!

You have...psychic energy!

You harness the full moon's energy as psychic energy. During the lunar phase, you become more attuned to synchronicities and your own instincts. You may also predict things happening before they happen. Spooky!

During what phase of the moon do you feel most powerful?

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