What is Your Enneagram Instinctual Variant?

Is your instinct to be social, sexual or self-preserved?

Carly Wallace
Created By Carly Wallace
On Feb 23, 2018

What do you spend most of the time thinking about?

What would you most likely be doing on the weekend?

Which photo do you resonate with the most?

Which painting would you buy?

Choose and activity to do:

Choose a colour:

Meeting new people:

Where would you rather socialize?

Your Instinctual Variant is....Sexual!

Your Instinctual Variant is....Sexual!

This variant is most passionate about sex and relationships. They value one on one connections and seek out intimacy more so than others. They would have no problem getting into fights and can have a temperamental streak.

Your Instinctual Variant is....Social!

Your Instinctual Variant is....Social!

This variant is mostly concerned with fitting in, socializing and status. You prefer to function in groups and are always gaging what the status people are in any given situation. You want to be accepted and will do whatever it takes for that to happen.

Your Instinctual Variant is....Self-Preservation!

Your Instinctual Variant is....Self-Preservation!

Comfort and independence is most important to this variant. You pay most attention to your health, house and financial position. Interpersonal connection is less important to you. Think an English aristocrat! You have no time for silly games!