This Coffee Quiz Will Decide Your Human Design Type

Coffee and human design have more in common than you think. Choose your coffee preferences and we'll reveal your human design type.

Carly Wallace
Created by Carly Wallace
On May 13, 2023
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Human Design is a personality type system that takes into account your energy centers on your body and draws from your astrological sign!

There are four types of human design types: projector, generator, manifestors, and reflectors.

Choosing your coffee preferences will help us decide what your human design type is. Let's start grinding our beans and pour a cup of human design!

What type of coffee do you like to drink most?

Choose your favorite latte art:

Where do you usually buy your coffee?

How much foam do you like?

What type of bean do you drink?

What time of day do you drink your first cup of coffee?

Which coffee do you wish you could drink right now?

What type of espresso would you drink right now?

How does coffee affect you?

What do you put in your coffee?

You are a reflector!

You are a reflector!

Reflectors are less than 1% of the population and are like empaths. They absorb the energy around them and can reflect the energy back. They act as mirrors for people and can be very good at knowing things about people intuitively.

You are a generator!

You are a generator!

Generators represent most of the general population. Their energy flows through them so they know when to stop and take breaks. They thrive in work environments and love to work. They are aware of gaps in the market and can work and find success to fill those gaps.

You are a manifestor!

You are a manifestor!

Manifestors are similar to generators in that they travel through space in a forward motion and they focus on creating. Manifestors love variety and are usually jack-of-all-trades in their area of work.

You are a projector!

You are a projector!

Projectors make up 20% of the population. They have a gift of knowing people and having natural curiosity. They are made to guide people's energy and give advice. They need to be invited in order to feel welcome and are often in leadership positions.

What is your coffee habit?

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