See If You Agree With These Boomer Opinions and We’ll Determine Your True Age

Boomers have some pretty divisive opinions. Tell us if you agree and we’ll reveal your actual age. 

Carly Wallace
Created by Carly Wallace
On Oct 11, 2023
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Boomers think that toasters don't need to be smart and e-readers are incomparable to real paper books. Boomers have some pretty strong opinions, but does the rest of the world agree? We want to find out. Tell us if you agree with these popular Baby Boomer opinions and we’ll tell you which generation you ACTUALLY belong in. Take this quiz to find out!

>> Which Generation Do You Belong In?

"I like being able to read articles online without being asked to enter an email, create an account, give my phone number, etc."

"I just want to speak to a real person on the telephone when I have to call a business."

"I like CDs better than digital music. I just think they sound better, and they’re way easier to play in my car than having to screw around with an aux cord or Bluetooth connection."

 "Paper menus are far superior to QR codes. Half of the time, the menu won't even load. Good god."

"Tell me, why would anyone really want a smart fridge or toaster?"

"Young children are genuinely spending way too much time on tablets and other devices."

"Children are being brainwashed by TikTok and Instagram in the sense that they can't focus on anything for more than a few seconds at a time."

"It's sad to me that many people don't have friendships with or even know their neighbors these days."

 "People should be wary of posting photos of their kids on social media. I find it really disturbing that nowadays, there are photos of kids on social media quite literally while they're still in the womb."

 "Using apps for everything is annoying. I just went to Disney World, and I couldn’t do anything (including eat) unless I used the app."

Your actual age is a young, cute 25!

Your actual age is a young, cute 25!

You are the young, spiritely age of 25! You relate more with GenZ, but you have pretty strong Boomer opinions!

Your actual age is a cool 40!

Your actual age is a cool 40!

You are a solid 40! A millennial who is self-focused and tech-savvy, and like a lot of the world, agrees with some Boomer opinions!

Your actual age is a hip 76!

Your actual age is a hip 76!

You're a golden oldie and your actual age is 76! You let things go easier and always have felt older for your age. You may as well be a Boomer because you agreed with almost all of the opinions!

Which tech do you find most annoying?

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