Only True Pastry Chefs Can Pass This Professional Baking Quiz

Do you consider yourself professional or pre-professional baker? These are some of the hardest baking qusetions you'll ever come across. Can you pass this quiz?

Carly Wallace
Created by Carly Wallace
On Feb 18, 2023
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Baking, though seemingly easy and effortless, is actually incredibly difficult. It's almost like chemsitry with all the measuring and techniques. If you consider yourself in the running to become the next great pastry, maybe you have a chance at answering these questions correctly! Only the truest of bakers will prevail!

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Which of these ingredients acts as a leavening agent?

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What is a tuile?

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What is pate brisse made of?

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Which type of meringue is made with boiling sugar?

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What is meant when a pastry has "good crumb"?

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Genoise is a type of what?

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What does docking mean?

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What is the difference between all purpose flour and bread flour?

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What are the ingredients in diplomat cream?

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What is the difference between chantilly cream and whipped cream?

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What type of pastry would you like to master?

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