Only 30% of Adults Can Get 100% on This World Geography Quiz

Think you are a pro at world geography? Let's put your skills to the test!

Carly Wallace
Created by Carly Wallace
On Nov 26, 2022
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Forget U.S. Geography, do you know the countries of the world? Can you identify a country just by looking at its shape? Can you tell us which area of a country a specific city is?! Whether you studied world geography or not, this quiz is built to be super tricky. Let's see if you have the knowledge to pass it!

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Which country borders the Pacific Ocean?

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Identify this country:

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Identify this country:

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Which part of Africa is Sudan in?

5 / 10

Is Northern Ireland a country?

6 / 10

Identify this Canadian province:

7 / 10

Which continent is Saudi Arabia located in?

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Which country is the city of Inverness located in?

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Which part of Scotland is the city of Aberdeen located in?

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What city in Germany is the autobahn road located?

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Which continent HAVEN'T you traveled to?

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