Only 1 of 6 Millennials Can Score 90% on This Food Science Quiz

Are you part of the group that can score high on this food science quiz? How much do you know about the science behind the food?

Carly Wallace
Created by Carly Wallace
On Jan 21, 2023
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Food science is the study of nutrients and chemical reactions in food! How does food react once it gets into your body. Do you know? How savvy are you with the composition of carbs compared to proteins? Take this quiz to test your knowledge on food science and see if you get a high score!

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What does an antioxidant fight?

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How many calories in a medium banana?

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What are the two categories of carbohydrates?

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What is an example of a disaccharide?

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What most closely describes an enzyme?

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Which fruit has a high content of enzymes to help digestion?

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Which type of vegetable has the highest concentration of chlorophyll?

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What type of substance is gluten?

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What is the benefit of taking magnesium?

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What type of fruit is highest in protein?

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What is your favorite complex carb?

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