Let’s Find Out if You're Smarter Than a History High School Teacher

High School history can be pretty challenging. Let's see how well you do with this one!

Carly Wallace
Created by Carly Wallace
On Oct 20, 2023
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Do you remember high school and how difficult it actually was? Were you a star student or a super slacker? These advanced high school history questions will test your wits and history knowledge. Can you beat high school history teachers in a quiz of their own?

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The Rosetta Stone was key in deciphering human language. What script was inscribed on it?

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What legendary pirate, known for his association with the Jolly Roger flag, sailed the high seas during the Golden Age of Piracy?

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In the 17th century, the Dutch traded a piece of land, including modern-day Manhattan, for the island of Run. What valuable commodity drove this unusual deal?

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Who was the eccentric Russian mystic and advisor to the Romanov family, whose influence played a role in the downfall of the Russian monarchy?

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During the 1980s, what covert operation involving the sale of arms to Iran and the funding of Nicaraguan Contras became a major political scandal in the United States?

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Which ancient city was said to be so wealthy that its streets were paved with gold, and it met a fiery fate due to its inhabitants' greed?

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Who was the infamous figure in the 1880s American Wild West who worked as a cattle rustler, horse thief, and legendary outlaw?

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In the 15th century, which explorer set sail on a mission to find a westward route to Asia but accidentally discovered the Americas?

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The 1960s saw a cultural movement advocating for peace, love, and social change. What was this movement commonly known as?

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What ancient city, one of the world's oldest, is often referred to as the "Rose City" due to its pink sandstone rock-cut architecture?

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