If You Vote on Your Fav 10 Pumpkin Dishes, We'll Let Ya Know Which Fall Color Looks Best on You

Fall's tastiest pumpkin dishes will reveal your ultimate fall color!

Carly Wallace
Created by Carly Wallace
On Nov 5, 2023
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The fall fashion trends are in, we've uncovered three colors that are popular for this fall 2023. The question is, which color would look best on you? Believe it or not, your choice of hearty pumpkin dishes will determine your best fall color. Would you look good in digital lavender, galactic cobalt, or astro dust? Take this quiz to find out!

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Which pumpkin dish would you eat for breakfast?

Which pumpkin dish would you eat for lunch?

Which pumpkin dish would you eat for dinner?

Pick another pumpkin dish for breakfast!

Pick another pumpkin dish for lunch!

Pick another pumpkin dish for dinner!

Alright, round 3. Choose a last pumpkin-themed breakfast!

Choose a last pumpkin-themed lunch..

Choose a last pumpkin-themed dinner...

Galactic cobalt

Galactic cobalt

This fall (and always), you would look amazing in galactic cobalt! Galactic cobalt is a technologically driven color that is bold, confident, and reflects "consumer preferences for assertive expression." A gender neutral tone that is great to match with white or black.

Digital lavender!

Digital lavender!

This fall, you would look especially great in digital lavender. Digital lavender is inspired by the digital landscape and AI . It can easily balance jewel tones and accessories. A soft, relaxing tone popular on fall runways and was named color of the year by WGSN!

Astro dust!

Astro dust!

You would look bomb in astro dust this fall! Astro dust is a gender-neutral , mid-tone red color . It was featured across fashion shows this fall and is a popular pick for autumn wardrobes. It's not too warm and goes with contrasting bright colors like lilac and cyan blue. Wear in a patterned dress, sweater, or trousers!

Which fall accessory could you see yourself wearing?

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