How Your Brain Interprets These Optical Illusions Will Determine If You Are Funny Or Wise

Optical illusions are way far out! Take one look and your mind is in for a serious spin. Let's see if you're funny or wise based on how your brain processes these illusions

Carly Wallace
Created by Carly Wallace
On Aug 31, 2020

Have you ever looked at an optical illusion and questioned your very existence? Optical illusions can appear different to everyone, some people see black and blue while other people see white and gold. The way your brain processes optical illusions can actually tell a lot about your personality! Let's see if you're funny or wise based on how you interpret these infamous optical illusions.

Which circle is bigger?

How many legs do you see?

What color are the circles underneath?

Who is in this picture?

What color is the dresser?

Which way is the cat going?

What color is the dress?

Is it a duck or a rabbit?

Is the show pink or white, or teal and gray?

Which one of these windows is bigger?

You are... funny!

You are... funny!

You are a hoot and a half! You always know what to say and it's always a zinger. Your friends will just crowd around you and wait 'til you say something funny cause you always do. The jokes just come to you, in a flow, you can't explain it, you're so naturally funny!
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You are... wise!

You are... wise!

You are known as an old soul. Your friends always know they can come to you for advice, it's as if you've lived 10 different lives! Since you're wise, you always know just what to say and also when to say it. You are clever, intelligent, and you can always figure out optical illusions!
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