From Granny Smith to Pink Lady, What Apple Is Your Personality Most Like?

Apples have personality, just like us! Which is most like you?

Carly Wallace
Created by Carly Wallace
On Oct 12, 2023
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Are you sweet like a Pink Lady or sunny like a Golden Delicious? Apples are fresh this fall season and they come in colors like red, pink, green, or yellow! We don't know about you, but we think apples are perfect for telling us things about our personalities. Answer these random personality questions about apples and we'll tell you if you're more a Pink Lady, a Granny Smith, or a Golden Delicious!

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Which word describes your mind the best?

Which color resonates with you most?

Which word describes your emotions the best?

What's your favorite apple dish?

Which word describes your spirit the best?

Which apple snack would you eat?

Which trait do you think is your most attractive?

What do you like best about apples?

What word describes your relationships right now?

What is your favorite apple product?

You are sooo Granny Smith!

You are sooo Granny Smith!

Granny Smith apples are tart, sour, and fresh tasting with a bright green flesh. You are the logical one in your friend group. You are constantly researching and looking into interesting topics. You are a great conversationalist and have tons of great ideas.

You are most definitely Pink Lady!

You are most definitely Pink Lady!

Pink Lady apples have a sweet, juicy, and tart flavor with a pinkish-reddish flesh. You are glamorous and feminine with a flare for fashion! You have a tendency to gossip but you are well-liked in social groups.

You are a gorgeous Golden Delicious!

You are a gorgeous Golden Delicious!

Golden Delicious is sunny yellow in color and has a sweet, mild, and juicy taste. You have a sunny disposition and to others you always appear happy and cheerful. You're really good at cheering up others and you are like a carefree, silly kid at heart.

Quick! Choose ONE candy apple.

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