From Action to Comedy, Which Movie Genre are You?

A movie genre is a personality all its own. Which movie genre reflects your personality and most dominant traits?

Carly Wallace
Created by Carly Wallace
On Feb 18, 2023
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When you think of action, do you think of outgoing? Or when you think of horror, do you think of mysterious and docile? Movie genres can easily reflect human personality traits. Based on these questions, we'll be able to tell which movie genre matches your personality best! Take this quiz and see what it results!

What do you think is your most dominant personality trait?

Which cognitive process do you prefer?

What emotion would you rather feel?

What game would you rather play?

What is you most important value?

What astrology sign do you resonate with most?

Which image resonates with you most?

What is your energy type?

What is most important to you?

Which movie theater snack would you go for?

You are...Horror!

You are...Horror!

You are Horror genre of film! This means that you have an ere of mystery to you. You appreciate the darker things in life and your favorite holiday may very well be Halloween!

You are...Action!

You are...Action!

You are an action oriented person. You are active and may play a lot of sports. you say what you mean and do what you feel. You follow through with your word and you are committed to your actions. Sometimes you feel a bit like Superman and have two identities.

You are...RomCom!

You are...RomCom!

You are a warm-hearted and super friendly person. You live in a dream world and have a fantastical view on the world. You always attract the most mysterious and passionate love interests and you are super romantic.

What type of movie would you like to see in theatres?

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