Eat Your Dream Dinner and We'll Reveal How You Died in a Past Life

Did you know everyone has a past life? You most likely died in a weird, unexpected way. Eat your ideal dinner and we'll tell you exactly how you died in a past life!

Carly Wallace
Created by Carly Wallace
On Dec 31, 2022
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Some people are aware of their past lives and some aren't. If you have an affinity to a certain time period like the Medieval Times or maybe you cringe every time you see a prison cell or an executioner's stand then you could have died in an unexpected way! This quiz will reveal the time period and how you died in your past life, just choose your ideal dinner and we'll give you the result!

Which meat do you prefer?

Which veggie do you prefer?

Which bread do you prefer?

Which potato dish do you prefer?

Which soup do you prefer?

Which seafood dish do you prefer?

Which pie do you prefer?

Which drink do you prefer?

Which pudding do you prefer?

Which dessert do you prefer?

You died from being marooned on an island!

You died from being marooned on an island!

You were an explorer or pirate in your past life and died from starvation by being left on an island. You may have been a traitor, stolen from another pirate ship, or had information you weren't telling your crew. Either way, you lived your days on a deserted island and slowly faded away.

You died in battle!

You died in battle!

In ancient times let's face it, there was always some sort of battle going on, and you were one of those warriors fighting in it. You were killed by the opposition with a spear to the throat. What a day.

You died from dysentery!

You died from dysentery!

Dysentery was a disease caused by spoiled food and because of lack of refrigeration, there was a lot of it in the Medieval Times. You were either a medieval warrior or a knight that accidentally ate some spoiled mutton and voila...death by dinner.

Which time period are you most attracted to?

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