Are You Doritos or Potato Chips? This Quiz Will Decide

Are you classic and crunchy like a potato chip, or cheesy and daring like a Dorito? Let's find out!

Carly Wallace
Created by Carly Wallace
On Jul 3, 2023
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Which type of chip do you usually reach for at a party, or better yet, what chip relates most to your personality? Are you a crunchy, cheesy Dorito who is chill and up for anything? Or a crispy, potato chip who is reliable and classic? This random question quiz will tell you exactly the kind of chip you are!

>> Answer 10 Questions to Find Out if You're Sweet or Salty

What must you have on your bed at all times?

What drink would you choose on a sunny day?

Where would you go on a picnic?

What type of dance would you be most likely to perform on TikTok?

What's your mood right now?

What are you most likely doing on a Friday night?

What would you love to do on a Saturday afternoon?

Which pet would you most likely adopt?

What type of sweet are you most drawn to?

What weather phenomena do you feel that your life is like?

You are a Dorito!

You are a Dorito!

You are cheesy and daring! You have a chill factor and people love to hang around you. You don't take things seriously and are a pro at diffusing tense situations, usually with humor.

You are a Potato Chip!

You are a Potato Chip!

You are a potato chip! You are classic, crunchy, and salty. You are a lovable person and people can really rely on you. You often find yourself in other people's shadows, but little do you know people think about you a lot!

What flavor of potato chip do you love best?

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