Which Team Should You Root For Based On Your Game Day Preferences?

Food and football go hand in hand. . .

Carlie Dobkin
Created By Carlie Dobkin
On Feb 5, 2016

Hot wings or hot dogs?

Choose an edible football

Pick a snack to munch on:

Which dip would you go crazy for?

Cheese or beer?

Which one of these desserts makes your mouth water more?

Pizza or Sliders?

Which Super Bowl staple is your favorite?

Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos

You should root for the Denver Broncos to win Super Bowl 50.

Your snacking preferences show that you don't stray away from tradition. You love the classics, which is why you love Peyton Manning so much. You also love Colorado, which is why you love munching on these Super Bowl snacks so much. Like the Broncos, you are strong-willed and will put up a strong defense if someone tries to offer you a veggie platter instead of loaded nachos.

North Carolina Panthers

North Carolina Panthers

You should root for the North Carolina Panthers to win Super Bowl 50.

Just like the unstoppable team, you are incredibly talented. You're the type of person who prefers to make everything by yourself instead of ordering pizzas. You're a formidable chef with very impressive cooking skills. You know your food is awesome and you like to showcase it. You'll host a huge party and you'll make a ridiculously tasty super bowl spread for everyone to enjoy.