How Big Of A Nirvana/Kurt Cobain Fan Are You...?

Kinda hard-ish. Helps if you've been obsessed for a long time~! Even if you score badly, who am I to judge you..... this is just for fun and actually determines very little. Ohwellwhatevernevermind......

Created By candyflesh
On Mar 29, 2017
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Who was the guitarist who joined during the Bleach era?

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What is Krist Novoselic's ancestry?

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What is Kurt's mom's maiden name?

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Which song is NOT a b-side/rarity etc?

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Which artist did the In Utero angel?

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What 90's band is quoted as saying Kurt was "a sad cunt who couldn't handle the fame"?

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What song appears on both Bleach & Incesticide?

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As a joke, Nirvana sent a look-a-like of this celebrity to accept a MTV VMA award on their behalf.

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Who was the nanny that was taking care of Kurt's house when he was found dead?

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What was one of the main brands Kurt was known to smoke?

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