Looking For A Vehicle Part in Waterloo – Find It All in One Spot

Cambridge Wreckers
Created by Cambridge Wreckers
On Jan 2, 2019
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Looking For A Vehicle Part in Waterloo – Find It All in One Spot

An auto wrecker that blows all other out of the water. Kitchener Auto Wreckers is a highly ranked and reputable establishment servicing the public since 1977. This well-known company sits on 11 acres of land. Covered with new and used automotive and truck parts. It may be an entire engine or maybe fog lights. Waterloo Auto Wreckers has every single need covered.

Although Kitchener Auto Wreckers prides themselves on their variety of 100,000+ auto parts they sell, they also provide additional services. If you are looking to sell or donate your vehicle, they will take you through the simple and stress-free process which can also be completed on their easy to use website.

The reason that customers often choose to go the used part route is because likely there in very good condition, as previously owned parts are tested and certified as OEM parts. Another great reason customers choose Waterloo Auto Wreckers is because on average people are saving almost 50% in costs between used and new automotive parts.

The team at Kitchener Auto Wreckers is ready to assist in your automotive needs. Visit the website at http://www.cambridgeautowreckers.com for any general inquiries, or information about the vehicle donation process. The pros at Kitchener Auto Wreckers also provide a warranty to their valued customers and encourage you to visit the location for details.

It is important this day and age people choose the environment route when thinking about automotive parts and purchases. With the ample amount of options available, making the choice of used parts is an effective alternative way to impact the earth using a healthier system.