How You See These Shapes Can Determine Your Way Of Thinking

Don't get confused! You can do this.

Calypso Kofae
Created By Calypso Kofae
On Mar 24, 2019

On which side do the red lines become darker?

How many shelves do you see?

Are the grey line straight or crooked?

Which line is longer?

Which orange circle is bigger?

Is this an image or a spiral or concentric circles?

Are the red line straight?

Which column is darker?

Do you see the dots moving?

How about these circles? Can you see them move?

How many triangles are there?

Which shape is larger?

What color are squares A & B?

Analytical and perceptive

Analytical and perceptive

You have a logical mind! You notice patterns and are stimulated by your curiosity. You like to get to the bottom of things, and try to base your conclusions on solid evidence. You're an excellent problem-solver.

Creative and imaginative

Creative and imaginative

You have a creative mind, you understand all things spatial and rely on visual cues to stimulate you. You tend to think best when you are moving or working with your hands. And you often provide creative and unique solutions to problems.

Rational and innovative

Rational and innovative

You are natural born to be a creative and intuitive person but also good at logical thinking.
Furthermore, you depend more on visual references for understanding and are often times visual learners, and you must be good in music, art, drawing, athletics and coordinated physical movement.