What veggie are you most like?

Are you more of a carrot or a broccoli?

Calista Uher
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On Sep 12, 2015

Which sport do you like better?

DON'T THINK! Steak or salad?

Were you more of a JOCK or a NERD in school?

What's your FAVE genre of music???

Dogs or Cats?

Coffee or tea?


What outdated meme do you feel like you relate more to?

Aw shucks! Someone just mugged you? What do you do?

Last but not least, you feel like you are more of a...



You're more of a carrot type of gal/guy. You're good a lot of ways- steamed, raw, juiced... You're versatile and fun and an all around good time.
ORANGE you glad you are a carrot?



You're like broccoli- mean, green, and lean. You're one of the world's healthiest foods and you act like it. You're a real go-getter and unapologetically you.
Get down with your broccoli self.

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