Ice Cream Cake

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Ice Cream Cake

Exciting Range Of Birthday Cake Options For You to Deliver in Any Cities of India

Cakes are the most desired desserts of all times and no birthday celebration is fulfilled without the age-old tradition of cutting the delicious birthday cake. The birthday cake is an ancient tradition that dates back to the Roman times when the Romans used to distribute sweet flat pieces of bread at parties birthdays. After the 15th century, the concept of modern cakes came into the picture. The post-industrial revolution was a significant time in the world of cakes. Now you might be wondering to know the reason. It was the time when such delicacies have become affordable for middle and the working classes. The modern birthday cakes did not really emerge until the time of 19th century.

These days birthday cakes are available in different flavors, colors, shapes, designs, and sizes to gratify all types of taste buds. The fillings of the birthday cakes and the texture vary from bakers to bakers. Most of the popular bakers prefer to use an extensive list of rich flavors that can perfectly sum up with the delicious batter of chocolate and vanilla cake. When it comes to choosing a birthday cake, it is really important to choose the flavor on the basis of the preference of the birthday boy.

Now, this article gives you the ideas on different types of birthday cakes-

Ice Cream Cakes:

How about relishing the sumptuous ice-cream cake with wildest ideas on them? These types of cakes are made with unique flavors of ice-creams. The frosting process is followed by the session of freezing before the cake is ready for the cutting ceremony. These delicious cakes come with the spongy cake's batter with yummy ice cream lying perfectly between the layers.

These cakes can be made more delicious with the added toppings such chocolate chips or sprinkles to the ice cream or the batter.

Chocolate Birthday Cakes:

You can find these cakes with different flavors and textures. If you are looking for a special type of a chocolate birthday cake for the special person of your life, you should go for ordering a double chocolate cake. This decadent cake boasts the chocolate frosting heavenly nestled with the chocolate cream or cake filling inside. This cake could be the utopia gift for the chocolate lovers. The quality of these cakes varies on the quality of the cocoa. These chocolate birthday cakes are available in buttercream, raspberry or vanilla frosting.

There was a time when you had to visit the brick and mortar shop to search for the best flavor of chocolate cake for the birthday of your loved one as now you can easily go for online cake delivery in Guwahati and other adjacent cities like Itanagar, Dibrugarh and many other places from the online cake shop FlowerAura.
Nowadays most of the online cake shops allow you to go for the option of sending midnight cake delivery to your special one. Midnight cake delivery is one of the sweetest gestures of expressing your love to your loved one.

Vanilla Cake:

It is probably the most common variation of birthday cakes. It is available in different levels of sweetness- from very sweet flavor to lightly sweetish and fluffy flavors. You can easily customize the vanilla cake with different filling kinds of stuff like lemon, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry etc. The frosting differs from white chocolate to regular vanilla or strawberry.

So if your loved one stays in Guwahati or any cities of north-east, you can easily opt for online cake order in Guwahati from our bakery shop.


These cakes come with the thick and rich texture. The extensive range of flavors is the reason behind the huge popularity of these cakes. The creamy and cheesy taste of this cake provides the old-fashioned appeal. One can use sprinkles of raspberry pieces, chocolate crisps, and slurry caramel syrup.

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