Candidate Experience Survey and Score

This 20 question survey shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to complete and will give you a score of how well you are doing creating a great candidate experience.

We use the following tools to manage our candidates:

Which best describes the career section of your website?

Which of the following online/interactive channels do you or someone in your organization leverage and actively manage?

How are job applications received?

Our application process takes:

After submitting an application, candidates receive an auto response thanking them for applying.

After the application is submitted, candidates receive additional communication regarding the status of their application.

How many people within the organization do candidates interview with (including any phone screens)?

Which of the following methods are used to evaluate candidates?

We prepare candidates for interviews:

We provide the following information to candidates prior to their interviews:

We follow a process for how we manage an interview day.

When candidates are not selected for the role, they are informed via:

When an offer is extended, we do so through the following channels:

On average, how long does it take for a candidate to receive an offer?

On average, how long from the time the candidate accepts your offer until the onboarding process beings?

How often is formal feedback from the candidate gathered?

If your candidate is starting in 2 weeks, how often do you communicate with them during that time?

Who communicates with the candidate from the time they accept their role until their first day?

How often do you follow up with a candidate after they’ve started to gather their feedback?

Your Candidates Have A Stellar Experience

Your Candidates Have A Stellar Experience

Congratulations! You have a commitment to the candidate experience and clearly dedicate the time and effort in getting it right. Don’t stop here. There is always more work you can do.

Your Candidates Have A Good Experience

Your Candidates Have A Good Experience

Good for you! You have some of the basics down and are committed to making the candidate experience great. It’s time to take it up a notch. We assume you are gathering feedback from your candidates (you are doing that, right?). Go beyond this feedback and set some metrics for your/your team to track against as you continue to gather this data.

Your Candidates Have An Okay Experience

Your Candidates Have An Okay Experience

Okay. Looks like this is an area for improvement. Knowledge is power, so put improving the candidate experience on your list. Put a mechanism in place to survey your candidates, those hired and not, to gather their feedback so you can pinpoint a few key areas in which to make changes.

Your Candidates Have A Rough Experience

Your Candidates Have A Rough Experience

Uh oh! Looks like you need to get some of the basics in place. Talk to some of your candidates, those hired and those not, and gather their feedback to see what adjustments you need to make right away.