The Ultimate Super Bowl LII Trivia Recap

In Super Bowl LII, the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots and received the Lombardi Trophy for the first time in team history. The game featured two high-powered offenses, several spectacular plays, and impressive individual performances. Relive the excitement of Super Bowl LII through this trivia quiz!

Bryan Clark
Created by Bryan Clark
On Feb 9, 2018
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Who scored the winning touchdown in Super Bowl LII?

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Which player had the most receiving yards in Super Bowl LII?

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Who had the most rushing yards in Super Bowl LII?

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What was the total amount of points scored in Super Bowl LII?

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Nick Foles threw for how many yards in Super Bowl LII?

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Which player had two touchdown receptions in Super Bowl LII?

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Tom Brady had how many passing yards in Super Bowl LII?

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Who was the Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl LII?

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Super Bowl LII aired on which network?

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What was the final score of Super Bowl LII?

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