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On Nov 20, 2017
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Sluka Is A Musical Genius

Christopher Sluka is an artist in EVERY sense of the word. A well known surrealist painter and visual artist, his work has graced wall space in galleries from New York to San Diego, and Tokyo to Milan. He is an accomplished aircraft pilot and a singer/songwriter, musician and performer who has recorded eleven studio album and has a fan base that spans across continents. His newest effort is titled “Colorful Radiation”.

This new album is sure to please Sluka fans from around the world and will certainly gain many new ones. One of the most amazing pieces of information besides the fact that “Colorful Radiation” is a great album, is that Sluka is primarily a one-man show, with Sluka playing all the instruments, guitar to piano to French horn and more. Also credited on the album are background vocalist Ro Fifield and Mike Rawluk, who also provides additional drumming on three tracks.

“Colorful Radiation” Track Listing:
1.    Number One
2.    Virga
3.    Rise
4.    Tease Me
5.    A Mode Of Joy
6.    Slinging Slights
7.    Arpeggiate
8.    Cold War
9.    Visceral Repercussions
10.  Metaphor

Many of the songs on the album have standout evocative vocals, and instrumental segments that new listeners will not be expecting, and will love when they hear them. Sluka has often been compared to David Bowie, David Byrne and Coldplay, not is a copycat style, but in the feeling of the music and the star power behind it.

“Colorful Radiation” was recently released as a visual album to accompany the tracks on the CD to help the listener find the beauty within the horrors of their wonderful life! An amazing concept by an artist everyone is sure to remember.

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The first single “Number One” is climbing the National Airplay charts and the accompanying video for the hit song is amazing:

youtube embed goes here!

The second single off “Colorful Radiation” is titled “Rise” and to me is one of the stand out hits of the group of songs on the album. Check out the “Rise” music video here:

youtube embed goes here!

"Colorful Radiation" by Sluka

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