If You Know Even 5 Out Of 15 Pieces Of Trivia About The Tick, You're A Superfan!

With the new reboot of The Tick happening on Amazon, there's no better time to test and brush up on your knowledge about this crazy parody superhero! See how much you already know here!

Bruce Boyena
Created by Bruce Boyena
On Aug 7, 2017
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When was The Tick first created?

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Who created The Tick?

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How many TV series has The Tick been made into?

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Who was the first actor to play the tick in a live-action show?

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Which of the following is NOT one of the tick's allies?

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What is The Tick's sidekick's name?

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Which of the following is false about the first issue of the tick?

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Which comic book store was the tick originated as a mascot for?

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In the first live-action series Die Fledermaus was altered to be a hero of Latino heritage called what?

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What is the tick's battle cry?

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In the comics, where does The Tick work?

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Who plays The Tick in the new Amazon Prime series?

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What animal is The Tick's sidekick's costume supposed to resemble?

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Which of the following superpowers does the tick not possess?

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What color is The Tick's hair?

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