How Fast Do You Fall In Love?

Easy way to tell if you fall in love fast.

Brooke Gnas
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On May 27, 2015

Freshly into a new relationship, how long do you wait to say "I love you?"

How quickly do you catch feelings?

What is love to you?

How many "Loves" have you had?

What quote describes you the best?

How fast do you get over someone?

Do you actually mean it when you say "I love you?"

What do you fall in love with?

What are you looking for?

Do you need love in your life?



Your love is strong. You fall too easy and crash really hard.

Not really fast

Not really fast

Depends on the person. You are compassionate, trust worthy, and very loving. You have a strong heart but you don't fall as fast as others would.

Not fast

Not fast

You don't fall fast at all really. You move on really fast. You may have hurt a few here and there with your actions, but you have moved on and have forgotten about them.

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