How Well Do You Know Steven Universe?

Are you a true Steven Universe fan? Find out now with this quiz to test your skills.

Brock Thiele
Created By Brock Thiele
On Jun 8, 2018
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What is the name of the monster in Amethyst's room in the episode "Reformed"?

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What is the name of the episode where Steven communicates with Lapis in his dreams?

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In the episode "Too Far", what does Peridot call a nose, eyes, fingers, feet and butt?

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How many canon fusions are there altogether? (Up to "A Single Pale Rose" and not including the Cluster or the gem mutants.)

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Who is Sour Cream's real dad?

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Who is the good sister in the Pizza family?

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Who sang "Do or Do Nut"?

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What's the name of the thing falling from the sky in "Laser Light Cannon"?

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What was the name of the structure that held the corrupted gem that powered the pyramid in "Serious Steven"?

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What is the name of the first book in Steven and Connie's favourite book series, The Spirit Morph Saga?

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What is Connie's last name?

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In the episode "Horror Club", where was the party at?

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Who is this gem?

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What gem is Centipeetle most rumoured to be?

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