Which Winter Sport Should You Try This Year?

You can no longer use winter as an excuse for not working out

Rachel McMahon
Created by Rachel McMahon
On Aug 16, 2020
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Which 2019 trend was your favorite?

Which meal is your favorite?

Which school subject is your favorite?

Which of these Summer Olympic Sports is your favorite?

Which primary color is your favorite?

Which of these movie genres is your favorite?

Which of these music genres is your favorite?

Which ice cream flavor is your favorite?

Which social media app is your favorite?

Ski Jumping

Ski Jumping

You are daring and spontaneous. Your outgoing personality always keeps you in the center of attention, But you also jump to conclusions pretty often. Here's a tip: ski jumping leads to less drama.

Figure Skating

Figure Skating

You are sensitive and creative. You're a flexible individual who is open-minded and always ready to tackle a challenge. Well, are you ready to tackle the ice skating rink?



You are a team player and a selfless person. You hate nights when you're forced to stay home alone, and that is exactly why this team sport is right up your alley.

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