Which Famous Internet Cat Matches Your Personality?

Catitude is everything.

Rachel McMahon
Created By Rachel McMahon
On Oct 7, 2019
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What color cat would you want?

Which is your favorite...breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

Which word best describes you in the morning?

Which social media site is your favorite?

Which hobby would you consider taking up?

What annoys you the most?

What can you be bribed with?

Choose a treat:

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat

I mean c'mon now...it's in the name! You are someone who isn't always in the best mood! You can be very judgmental. You're someone with a natural-b*tch face. Follow Grumpy Cat on Instagram!

Venus the Two-Faced Cat

Venus the Two-Faced Cat

You are someone who switches things up a lot! You don't like sticking to the same things. You love trying new things, especially things out of your comfort zone! Follow Venus on Instagram!

Hamilton the Hipster Cat

Hamilton the Hipster Cat

Like Hamilton, you don't follow trends like most people, you make them! You are far from basic! You like to be unique! Follow Hamilton on Instagram!