Which Disney Character Should Be Your BFF?

B(est) F(ictional character) F(orever)??

Rachel McMahon
Created by Rachel McMahon
On Aug 14, 2019
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What are you and your current bestie like now?

How would your close friends describe you in one-word?

Which TV network is your favorite?

Who would you rather be friends with?

Choose a place to hang out with friends:

Choose a board game to play with friends:

Choose a gift to unwrap:

Choose a hat:

Which are you most fearful of?

Choose a random Disney character:



Your Disney bestie is full of love! Baymax is an selfless individual that care deeply about his loved ones, including you!

Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell

Your Disney bestie is sassy and stubborn. Tink is fiesty, just like you. Tinker bell loves the spotlight, but she doesn't mind sharing it with a spunky, persistent person like you!



Your Disney bestie is not just super cute, but he's also a very protective and fun-loving individual. Like you, Stitch is hyperactive, childish, and curious.