What Mardi Gras‘s Color Matches Your Personality?

From bead to shining bead. It's time to get jazzy!

Rachel McMahon
Created by Rachel McMahon
On Aug 16, 2020

What type of person are you at a party?

What role do you play in a friend group?

Which holiday is your favorite?

What type of colors matches your soul?

Which compliment would mean the most to receive?

Choose a party food:

Choose a gemstone:

Choose a place to hang out:



You are someone who is energetic and outgoing. You tend to be the life of the party in a majority of situations. You radiate positive, fun vibes.



You are someone with confidence and high-standards. You seek luxury and are not afraid to call something or someone out if your standards are not met.



You are someone who is calm and sensible. You are someone who does their best to make the world around them a better place. You are loving and warmhearted.

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