Which 'Lizzie McGuire' Character Matches Your Personality?

Rachel McMahon
Created by Rachel McMahon
On Jul 16, 2019
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What is your favorite meal of the day?

Who is the last person you texted?

Which celebrity would you want to vacation with?

Which store is your favorite?

Do you think aliens exist?

Which first date sounds most ideal?

What is something important to you?

Which girl from "Friends" are you most like?

What problem do you have?

Which of the following Emojis is your favorite?

When was the last time you yelled at someone?

Which do you find most overrated?

Like Lizzie, you're sweet, honest and always know when to do the right thing. You can be shy at times but you always stick up for your loved ones.

Like Miranda, you're extremely smart and witty. You love to express yourself, especially with your clothing choices.

Like Gordo, you are sarcastic, caring, and intelligent. You prefer to be different from everybody else and follow his own path