What Artistic Hobby Should You Take Up?

We all need a way to express ourselves. Let all that creativity out!

Rachel McMahon
Created by Rachel McMahon
On Jul 29, 2020

According to Oxford Languages, 'artistic' is "defined as having or revealing natural creative skill". Even if you don't believe that it is there, we all have some type of creativity inside of us. Our different personalities can lead us towards these new creative pursuits, such as hobbies involving music, art, singing, acting, dancing, etc. There are so many creative-involved hobbies and the way you answer these questions will bring you to the artistic hobby meant for you.

Which personality trait do you think is the worst?

What is something you'd make for a friend?

Which Pixar character are you most like?

Which time period would you choose to visit?

Pick out a cupcake:

Which would you choose to read?

How do you like to celebrate?

Pick out a random image:

Which would you choose to write with?

Which social media platform do you spend the most time on?



You are an analytical person. You have a specific way of doing things and a specific way of going through life. Along with that, you are a perfectionist. You want things to be and look as close to perfect as humanly possible. Doing calligraphy would allow you to set a high goal for yourself that you can constantly strive for. Click below to share your results.



You are someone who is energetic and needs a place to get all of that built-up energy out. The place to do it? Dance class. You will be able to express yourself, be creative, and get in your steps all at once. Dancing would allow you to put the energy to a good and very fun use! Click below to share your results.

Cookie Decorating

Cookie Decorating

You are someone who is detail-oriented. You are organized and very productive. Cookie decorating would be a perfect, detail-focused hobby for you to take up. With your attention to detail, a few hours decorating would only feel like 30 minutes. All this goes along with the fact that you're also a cautious person. You don't want to have to deal with any mistakes or mishaps. Click below to share your results.



You are someone who sees the world in a way that others just do not see. You look at things on a whole different level and are observant and open-minded. You are not one to rush, but usually take your time going through life. You sit back and look around pretty often, cause that's how you get inspired. Click below to share your results.

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