We Know How Old You Are Based On How You're Spending Quarantine

Bored in the house and in the house bored? We all are. Let's at least have some fun with some quarantine quizzes.

Rachel McMahon
Created by Rachel McMahon
On Sep 19, 2021

What time are you waking up?

What is the first thing you do after you wake up?

What is your typical breakfast?

What do you do in the afternoon?

What is your typical lunch?

What do you typically do in the evening?

What time do you fall asleep?

25 years or younger

25 years or younger

You are someone who is lively and young. You live to go out, so this quarantine is really killing you. However, as much as it's killing you to stay in, you don't struggle too much because you are all over the Internet and social media to stay in connection with your friends and the world.

26-40 years old

26-40 years old

You are someone who is taking this time to really relax. You are normally very tense and stressed. Now, this is your one shot to sit back and take a deep breath. It may not be under good circumstances but you are trying to make the best of it.

50 years or older

50 years or older

You are someone who is used to lots of free time to do whatever you want, so that's exactly what you're going to do. Whatever you want! You are someone who has gotten this whole quarantine thing under control.

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