We Can Guess if You're an Athlete or Not Based on Your Music Choices

This quiz won't be a work out... I promise!

Rachel McMahon
Created by Rachel McMahon
On Mar 19, 2020
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Jazz or country music?

Rock or pop music?

Reggae or EDM?

Do you like rap music?

Do you like classical music?

Do you like R&B?

Would you say that your music choice is unique compared to most people your age?



You love to go out, train, and better yourself. You're a hard worker and you hope all this time and dedication is going to pay off. You are strong and many people cannot do what you can do.

Not an athlete

Not an athlete

You're someone who isn't the biggest fan of sports and exercise in general. There is a chance you may have been an athlete in the past, but the glory days over. You are enjoying your days by just relaxing.

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