This Cheesy Food Quiz Can Accurately Guess If You’re A Picky Eater Or Not

Sweet dreams are made of cheese, which is exactly what this quiz is made of

Rachel McMahon
Created by Rachel McMahon
On Jul 30, 2020

We all know those people, the ones who order the same thing from every single restaurant you go to. The ones that don't understand why some restaurants serve a pickle slice with sandwiches. The ones that will not eat the food if the order gets messed up even in the slightest way. These picky eaters will live off of chicken tenders and ranch until the day they die. It's a lifestyle for them, but are you one of them?

Plain cheese pizza or deluxe pizza?

Chips and cheese or nachos?

Cheese quesadilla or Philly cheesesteak?

Mozzarella sticks or cheesy potato skins?

Baked brie or fried mac 'n cheese?

Cheeseburger or a bean and cheese burrito?

Cheese fries or cheese breadsticks?

Lasagna or grilled cheese sandwich?

French onion soup or soft pretzel and cheese?

Boxed or baked macaroni and cheese?

Picky Eater

Picky Eater

You are the type of person who is unwilling to step outside of their comfort zone, specifically when it comes to food. You do not like change; you like things to stay the same way they have always been. Trying new foods is something you don't even feel a desire to do. It's not something that is important to you. Eating the food you already know and love is important to you. Click below to share your results.

Not A Picky Eater

Not A Picky Eater

You are someone that is very open-minded and willing. You don't fear trying new things, specifically, trying new foods. You like to be apart of new experiences, and if that means trying a unique, out-of-the-box food, you are up for the challenge. You don't understand how people can be grown and still be so picky when it comes to their food. To you, food is food! Click below to share your results.

In-Betweener Eater

In-Betweener Eater

You are someone who can go either way on the picky eater scale. You are not the pickiest eater, but you're also not the most adventurous eater. For you, your food choices really depend on a lot of things, such as the day, your mood, who your with, etc. Click below to share your results.

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