The 15 Best “Treat-Yourself” Gifts This Season

Hey you! Yeah, you. You need to treat yo self. We mean it.

Rachel McMahon
Created by Rachel McMahon
On Dec 10, 2019
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A Full Body Massage

The ultimate treat yourself gift... a full-body massage. The release of the feel-good hormone, oxytocin, is increased during a massage, as is the release of serotonin and dopamine. Well, what are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment!


TheraBox Self Care Subscription Box

This package is mindfully curated by therapists to reduce stress & increase joy through self love.


Treat YO Self Spoon

Never need an occasion!! Always a reason!! Treat YO Self!!


Fur Headphones

Sometimes we can treat ourselves by simply not listening to the chaos around us. Get yourself some nice, comfortable headphones so you can focus on music or podcasts you love.


Ambre Scented Candle

Light this candle when you need a little "me" time. Its warm, elegant scent is definitely a treat worth getting yourself.


Lavish Bath Box Subscription

Lavish is the original curated subscription service for indie bath & body connoisseurs! You deserve this sweet treat!


Mayberry Slide Style Slipper

Made with 100% real Australian sheepskin, it adds a touch of luxury and cozy to your everyday life. Not to mention, they come in a variety of colors. You NEED these.


Oversized Sweatshirt Blanket

You deserve the best of both worlds, and this hooded sweatshirt blanket gives that to you! It will wrap you in total comfort.


Nourishing Cleanser

Hey skincare lovers! This facial cleanser is a non-drying, balancing cleanser that goes to work on congested skin and leaves skin clean and hydrated. And it smells great!


Slip Silk Pillowcase

With 5 different color options, this silk pillowcase will make sure you get your beauty sleep.


Mini Humidifier

This portable humidifier fits perfectly inside your car, vanity, desk or anywhere you can connect a USB charger! It uses nano spray technology for optimal hydration and the purest of vapor, emitting a fresh and misty breeze of light cucumber + rose. Sounds like an refreshing treat.


Electric Scalp Massager 

Features 4 massage heads with 84 kneading nodes to provide a deep scalp massage. You deserve to enjoy a head massage whenever you want.


Heated Dog Slippers

As cute as a corgi butt, as cozy as a dumpling. These super soft fleece slippers from Smoko even heat up when your toes are feeling cold!


Herbal Soaps 6 Pack Set

Cleanse your body and mind with the herbal scents of thyme, rosemary, peppermint and patchouli with this 6 pack of Botany Barn's most herbal soaps. It's a delightful gift for yourself.


"Treat Yo Self" Socks

Every time you're stressed or being too selfless...look at the socks and do👏🏼exactly👏🏼what👏🏼they👏🏼say!