Should You Open A Prank, Gaming, Or Vlog YouTube Channel?

Want those thousands (to possibly millions) of subscribers? Here's your best shot!

Rachel McMahon
Created by Rachel McMahon
On Aug 30, 2020

YouTube started out in 2005 simply as a site to upload and share videos. Today, YouTube has become the most used video streaming platform all over the world. Posting videos to YouTube has turned from something of leisure into a high-paying job. YouTubers are known for creating video content in order to please their (possibly) millions of subscribers, and there are tons of different genres of YouTube channels. Some of those being prank channels, gaming channels, and vlog channels. So which ones should you choose? Let's see!

Which do you watch most?

What are you known for in your friend group?

What is something you'd want to give away on your channel?

Which video sounds like the most fun to make?

Choose tickets for something:

Snapchat, Twitter, or Instagram?

Which video idea is your LEAST favorite?

Choose a place to film a video:

What type of movie character do you feel like in your day-to-day life?

Choose a random food:

What costume would you choose to dress up in?

Prank Channel

Prank Channel

You should open a prank channel because you are someone who doesn't mind being sneaky and devious at times. You love to laugh and would be able to get some good laughs with pranking other people. You are also very good at lying, which would help the pranks seem more realistic.
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Gaming Channel

Gaming Channel

You should open a gaming channel because you are someone who is very reactive. You are witty and clever. You always know how to turn something ordinary and make it into something interesting to others.
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Vlog Channel

Vlog Channel

You should open a vlog channel because you have a spontaneous personality. You are always up for an adventure or a new experience, and this way, you could bring others along with you. Your exciting life could inspire others to get out and do the same.
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