Choose 13 Foods To Find Out Which 13 Reasons Why Character You Are

There are 13 reasons why you'll end up loving this quiz. One of them may involve loving food

Rachel McMahon
Created by Rachel McMahon
On Jun 29, 2020

Choose a breakfast pastry:

Choose a cheesy food:

Choose a type of bread:

Choose a type of pasta:

Choose a sandwich:

Choose a type of meat:

Choose a style of french fries:

Choose an ice cream flavor:

Choose a type of pizza:

Choose a fruit:

Choose a movie theatre food:

Choose a type of cheese:



Based on your food choices, you are most like Clay because you do not like change. Change is something that stresses you out. This is why you prefer to stick with what you know. You feel comfort in sticking with the things you can rely on.



Based on your food choices, you are like Tony because you don't necessarily feel like you need to always abide by the rules. You like to act alone and do what's best for you. You do not like being told what to like or dislike, so you make your own rules in life to make sure that you're doing things the way YOU want them to be done.



Based on your food choices, you are most like Tyler because of how curious you are. You like to be artistic and creative, even when it comes to the foods you like. You not only like to see and experience new things, you like to experience things in a new way.



Based on your food choices, you are most like Ani because you are incredibly straightforward. You are the type of person that gets straight to the point. You are someone that likes things to be out in the open. You are blunt and aren't afraid to let your voice be heard when it comes to your thoughts and opinions on things.

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