10 Perfect Gifts For VSCO Girls🌸🌞

And I oop!

Rachel McMahon
Created by Rachel McMahon
On Dec 10, 2019
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Set Of 10 Scrunchies

Don't buy her just 1, 2, or 3 scrunchies... get her 10! With all these color options, she'll always be able to have a matching scrunchie for every occasion!


Mini Portable Wall Projector

Let any VSCO girl put on their own show with this mini, portable projector. It will turn her sleepovers and hangouts with friends from no to woah!


Nike Air Force 1's

If 1 type of shoe could be trending rn for VSCO girls... it's these Nike Air Force 1 07 LE Low. When it's colder and she can't wear her Birks 24/7, you can purchase these at Foot Locker for $90 and I promise you, the VSCO girl you're shopping for with never want to take them off!


White Nike Crew Socks

As you can tell, white on your feet is in. These Nike socks are super popular for VSCO girls and no one can ever have enough socks.


Shell Necklace

One thing for certain, VSCO girls love summer and the sunshine that comes along with it. This shell necklace will make them remember those good times, rain OR shine!


Fujifilm QuickSnap Disposable Cameras

Yes, VSCO girls are bringing film images back. This set of two Fujifilm Disposable Cameras will give her lots of opportunities to capture her young, exciting life!


Wildflower Checkered Phone Case

Checkered is a pattern adored by VSCO girls and this case is one of the cutest they can get! It's simple, yet perfect for any VSCO girl!


Pura Vida Bracelet

Pura Vida bracelets have a variety to choose from! They have many different colors, designs, etc! Some are even related to charities and most are only around $6!


Fjallraven Kanken Mini Backpack

This bag is cute, practical, and comes in 34 different colors! It's perfect for any VSCO girl to stuff with scrunchies, Burt's Bees, and her favorite Hydro Flask!


My Friendship Bracelet Maker Kit

Friendship is super important to VSCO girls, and close behind is cute bracelets. This bracelet maker will not only give her something to do when she's not on her phone, it will allow her to hoard both her arm and her friends' arms with cute string bracelets!