Bring It On: Do You Belong On The Toros Or Clovers?

Which team would you audition for?

Rachel McMahon
Created by Rachel McMahon
On Aug 13, 2020

The popular teen movie, Bring It On, focused on the rivalry between two cheerleading squads: San Diego’s Rancho Carne Toros and the East Compton Clovers. Although coming from different schools and backgrounds, these two teams have a lot more in common than one would expect. The Toros and the Clovers both have great leadership to make their squad the best of the best, however, in the final showdown, there can only be one winner. Will your own winner be the Toros or the Clovers?

Who is your biggest supporter?

What makes you most cheerful?

What color of uniform would you want?

Which is most important to you?

What type of athlete are you most similar to?

What would you be best at in cheerleading?

What type of movie character do you feel most like?

What are you known for?

Go-to after workout snack?

Pick a lucky item:

Best accessory?

Cheer, dance, or gymnastics?



You are someone who is used to having things go their way. You aren't used to having to fight super hard for things because most stuff just seem to come to you naturally. You are a hard-worker, you just never really had the right competition before to push you to your limits. Click below to share your results.



You are someone who is used to doing things with a chip on your shoulder. You have been called the "underdog" your whole life but you are now ready to change that and make a name for yourself. Nothing can get in your way, and we mean nothing. Click below to share your results.



Sorry! Like Torrance says, it's a cheerocracy. Not everyone is qualified enough to make one of these two impressive cheer squads. You tend to be someone that is less of a team-player and more of someone who prefers to do things alone. Your introverted side just isn't the correct fit. Click below to share your results.

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