Are You More Regina George Or Sharpay Evans?

They say blondes do it better and that life's better blonde. Let's see how truthful that is! Which pop-culture blonde does your personality resemble more?

Rachel McMahon
Created by Rachel McMahon
On Jul 7, 2020

What is your favorite physical trait of yourself?

What is the worst favorite physical trait?

Natural or bold makeup?

Which dog would you choose?

Which is your guilty pleasure?

Eat something for dinner:

Choose a pink image:

Spring or fall?

Dance class or theater?

Gabriella or Cady?

Regina George

Regina George

Like Regina, you radiate confidence. You don't see yourself as someone that is ever wrong. In your eyes, you are way above everyone else. You have high standards and won't settle for anything less than perfect. Click below to share your results.

Sharpay Evans

Sharpay Evans

Like Sharpay, you are incredibly ambitious. If you set your eye on something, you will do anything and everything to accomplish your goal. You are the type of person who has a difficult time empathizing with others. You see yourself as number one. Click below to share your results.

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