94% Of Americans Cannot Complete These 24 Basic Phrases

Only 6% of Americans passed this English drill.

Brian Tracey
Created by Brian Tracey
On Feb 27, 2019

Pass the _____.

Curiosity killed the _____.

Best thing since sliced _____.

Not a _____ of decency.

Monday _____ quarterback.

Back to the _____ board.

Beat _____ the bush.

Bite _____ more than you can chew.

Burn the _____ oil.

Bought the _____.

Drastic times call for drastic _____.

Every cloud has a _____ lining.

Fall _____ the wagon.

Hit the nail on the _____.

Let sleeping _____ lie.

Method to my _____.

Don't give up your _____ job.

Not _____ with a full deck.

Jump _____ the bandwagon.

Let the _____ out of the bag.

Put _____ over other people's eyes.

Take it with a grain of _____.

Drive _____ the wall.

Plead the _____.

WOW!! You're in the top 6%.

WOW!! You're in the top 6%.

You are phenomenal!! Only 6% of Americans completed these American idioms and phrases. You are an exceptional thinker. You automatically read letter combinations and scan through texts without losing your focus. You have a purpose for reading, and you subconsciously monitor that purpose while reading a text. You catch satire and puns, and you can usually predict what is about happen in movies and books. Let us know below if we are spot on.

You flunked it:(

You flunked it:(

You failed the test. But the good news is - you are part of the 94%. Share the news with the world.