What Kind Of Dog Owner Are You?

Have you ever wondered if you were a "good enough" dog trainer? Well the truth is, there is really no "right" or "wrong" way to train your dog! However, the way you treat and handle your dog reflects upon you as a person. Check out right now what kind of dog owner you are, and what your strengths and weaknesses are in the dog world!

Created By RetroReginald
On Jul 8, 2016

You're out walking your dog and you encounter another dog in their yard. He seems friendly. What do you do?

Unexpectedly, the other dog lunges through the fence! Your reaction?

Uh oh! While you were gone shopping, your dog made an accident in the house! What now?

It's your dog's birthday! How do you celebrate it?

If your dog was perfectly capable of doing anything, what job would you want it to have?

Your dog got loose for a week. When he returned, he was covered in blood with bite wounds!

You're walking by the pet store and you see the perfect little puppy in the window. What now?

Later, you spot a lady struggling to keep her dog under control while walking. Do you help her?

You found yourself at a dog park, and one of the dogs nipped at your hand aggressively...

Some short questions: Do you ever do research about the breeds you're interested in adopting?

What's your opinion on big and small breeds?

Specifically, what's your opinion on pit bulls?

Why do you think it's important for owners to spay and neuter their dogs?

What form of ID would you have on your dog?

Are you even confident in owning a dog?

The Spoiler

The Spoiler

Admit it, you love your dog a little toooo much! You spoil your dog and give them cute little outfits to wear, snuggle them up in blankets, and buy $40 dog collars with their name engraved on it! You marvel at other people's dogs and always ask them their names and breed! You're crazy for dogs, but you don't quite understand the concept of "sit means sit!" and basic obedience training for dogs. When your dog gives you the "Pleeeease no..." look, you simply can't resist it! You're nurturing and kind by nature, and you find it hard to raise your voice, especially around animals! But always remember that dogs are not people and should not be treated like one!

The Simple-minded

The Simple-minded

Sit? Stay? Rollover? That doesn't concern you. In fact, you don't understand why anybody would want to train their dogs tricks. You and your dog live separate lives. You don't have the time to give your dog a daily walk, and you don't really want to walk them, anyways. You don't "get" why people are so strict with their dogs and have specific schedules and training routines with them! You believe dogs should be free to do what they want.
You should become aware that although it's great to let your dog have some independent time, you need to be there for your dog and teach it how to behave or it may develop behavioural problems!

The Authority

The Authority

You are with your dog 24/7 and you're always monitoring them! You have very strict and specific training routines. You take full control of your dog and ensure that they are always following your commands. There is no "wiggle room" for your dog to misbehave! You love to be the one in charge and you enjoy working vigorously with your dog.
While your leadership quality is a great one to have, ensure that your dog has some freedom and time to play so that stress does not build up and create a frustrated dog! Animals need a break just like humans.

The Equilibrium

The Equilibrium

You don't want to tell other people how they should raise their dogs, but you can't help it! You are educated and ready to own a dog! You are easily bothered when you see faults in other people's training methods and you always seek out to help those people. You balance out "play time" and "work time" with your dog, you feed and exercise and train them will love, devotion, and proper care. As a result, your dog is happy and confident, and sees you as a leader! But even you admit that you are not perfect and there's always room to learn new tips and tricks.