How Well Do You Know Your John Mellencamp Songs?

You might remember John "Cougar" Mellencamp from the 1980s, the "Pink Houses" and "Jack and Diane" singer from rural Indiana. But do you really recall those songs and their lyrics? Or all his other songs from the start of his career up until now? Test your knowledge with this quiz- it might be harder than you think!

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Finish the lyrics: "I need a lover who..."

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Name the song: "Sink your teeth right through my bones..."

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Name the song: "But I know I'm a real good dancer..."

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Finish the lyrics: "And grandma's on the front porch..."

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Finish the lyrics in "Rooty Toot Toot".

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Name the song: "You used to chase your women right into your home. You used to tell them you loved them over the telephone."

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In the driven "Crazy Ones", John sings about a woman who likes to talk about...

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Name the song: "We would kiss and hold hands every night by the football field."

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In the very beginning of "Emotional Love", John whispers something. What was it?

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Finish the lyrics: "Holly told me, "You better give me a..."

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Name the song: "I don't want this moment to end- I'm afraid that we can't find it again..."

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Finish the lyrics: "No passing signs and __________. Misinformation but no one cares..."

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Name the song: "I was minding my own business- it was quarter after two when a fella walked up and said, "Hey man, I remember you.""

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Finish the lyrics: "Did you get my message I left the other ________?"

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Name the song: "And if you pass tonight in your sleep... you will still have me to weep."

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