Are You Truly An Old Soul?

Do you ever feel left out, out of place, or a general feeling that you don't belong? Do you feel much different emotionally than your peers? More mature? If you said yes to these, you might just be an old soul. A lot of people claim they don't like other people and that they're an old soul- but there's much more to it than that. See for yourself if you're truly an old soul with this test- created by an old soul.

Created by RetroReginald
On Mar 29, 2017

Have you always felt like you didn't belong (left out)?

In school, were you considered one of the "unpopular" or "weird" kids?

When you are alone, do you enjoy it?

When you are dating someone, how serious are you about the relationship?

Do you like learning about history or other cultures?

Are you very political?

Do you believe in astrology?

Do you believe in ghosts and spirits?

Are you an animal lover?

How fun is driving in a car for hours to you?

How do you handle a particular stressful moment in life (like a minor car accident, moving to a different country, performing in front of thousands, etc.)

What kind of music do you listen to most?

Are you artistic?

You won the lottery. How do you spend it?

Do you feel tired all the time?

Are you a daydreamer/get lost in thought?

Do you burn candles and incense?

What is your favorite season?

Pick a quote that you believe is true about life.

Let's be honest here, do you really feel that your soul was born in the wrong time?

100% Old Soul

100% Old Soul

You are in fact a true old soul!
It's more than wanting to be away from people- it's actually quite the opposite. Your soul was born hundreds of years ago. All you want to do is fit in and be like the rest of the modern world- it gets so lonely having barely any friends. It gets so boring sitting at home by yourself. It genuinely sucks not being able to connect with anyone your age!
You always talk to older people- to you, a 20 year old is still a kid. You enjoy talking to parents who have seen the world, experienced life, and have a world of wisdom in the palm of your hands. To you, immaturity is wasted upon you- you would rather date a man/woman who a world older than you- and you have accepted that everyone else will always question why.
You are spiritual, you love astrology, and you have a heart for animals. You almost always give advice to the young (and even old) without realizing it- it's something you can't help. You adore older music, literature, fashion, movies, etc., from a time you were not born in. Not to mention, you are very polite, considerate, and generous- while you may not always say "sir", or "mam" like the old days (or you might!) you always have a code of manners and take other people's feelings into account. You take your relationships and friendships so seriously that it becomes extremely hard for you to make and keep friends- and it's not merely just because you don't share the same interests as them. Your life is dependent on love, companionship, and finding yourself.
You are an old soul, and you are so much more special than you think.

50% Old Soul

50% Old Soul

You don't know where you fit. You're a perfect balance of a modern, tech-savvy kid and a old-fashioned, disciplined parent. Honestly, you find yourself just dying to go to a party, and when you get there, all you do is become a wallflower. It's time to search your soul and dig deep for the questions and answers that lie beneath.
You enjoy new things, and you have a pretty modern way of thinking. You don't mind hanging out with your peers and you love to throw a party with your friends. The issue is that you always tend to not get enough satisfaction from other people. Something about life just ain't cutting it. You may find that being alone brings more satisfaction than you thought. You find yourself indulged in history and the past. You enjoy to read a good book and cut off your internet connection for awhile. You are the perfect balance.

Not An Old Soul

Not An Old Soul

You're just too obsessed with your smartphone and the latest news to be considered an old soul! If anything, you probably WANT to see the world advance and new technologies develop. You don't care for the past much.
Getting this result doesn't mean anything other than you are a person who is constantly moving forward and focusing on the present day life. This is actually a wonderful trait to have, and it will help you build a better future!

Ancient Soul

Ancient Soul

You're what we call an ancient soul... too old to even be defined as- well, old! Ancient souls were born hundreds of thousands of years ago, and have seen hundred of centuries and millenniums pass by! Your soul is extremely unique and rare to find these days, as rapid advances in technology have forced a lot of people to "move on". But you still cling in the past- the VERY past- and you're content and accepting of who you are. You are so mature and wise beyond your years that it is indescribable! Being an ancient soul may make you feel very weary, and it may even feel difficult at times, but don't forget... ancient souls form very special and rewarding relationships with other people. It is a bond that is so true, so faithful, and so giving beyond any other soul could imagine... So next time you talk to a close friend, just think about how lucky they are to have met a special soul like you!