The Ultimate Guide to Barbell Training for Women

A lot of people ask “should women do barbell training?” or “how should women barbell train?”

The answers to those questions might surprise you.

In this article, you will find out the how’s and whys of barbell training for women who want to begin weight lifting with a barbell but don’t know where to start.
Also, keep reading to find out the answers to other frequent questions that have to do with women bulking, cutting weight, and whether or not you should get a personal trainer/coach.

Why Barbell Training is a Great Way to Train for Women

Barbell training is a great way, and possibly the best way, to train for women.
When it comes to barbell training men and women should train almost the same. The basic exercises are all the same movements. Yes, some adjustments will need to be made based on weight and body type.

But the basic movements are the same.

Training with a barbell will:
1. Make you stronger (who doesn’t want to get a little stronger?)
2. Develop functional muscle mass in all the right places (number one place women want more muscle is in the glutes)
3. Increase your overall health and well-being in general
4. Help in other sports or athletic activity
What Barbell Exercises are Most Effective
The most effective barbell exercises are the “Big 3” (sometimes the Big 4).
Those exercises are:
● Squats
● Dead lifts
● Bench Press
● Standing Shoulder Press (the sometimes fourth)

Those are the four most basic movements a person can do, and those alone would make for an effective exercise program. If you only did those four exercises you would become stronger and build more muscle mass. A variety of effective weight lifting programs have those movements as the core of the programs.

There’s a reason football players, Olympic athletes, swimmers, and models all do those exercises: because they work!

Why do they work so well, you might ask? Because each of those exercises has multiple muscle groups working together at one time to lift the weight.
Squats for example has every leg muscle, your glutes, and a little bit of your back lifting the weight up.

Dead lifts have practically every muscle on your backside working together. Chest and shoulder press is the same for the upper body. Together these exercises will make you stronger and develop more lean muscle.

Should You “Bulk?”
The term bulking is a favorite new term of the internet and in daily life.
If you are unfamiliar, it’s basically a training phase where you eat more food to gain more muscle.

Unfortunately, many people take it to mean they can eat a bunch of junk food without consequences.

As for whether women should bulk or not depends on the individual.
If you want to gain more muscle you will need to eat more food. But healthy, WHOLE foods, not junk food. Combine that with barbell training and you will put on some muscle.

If your goals are different, then keep reading.
Will Barbell Training Help with Losing weight?Yes, barbell training works great in combination with a weight loss diet.The basic barbell exercises work your whole body which burns a ton of calories.

Also, they build muscle. The best way to lose fat is to build muscle. The more muscle you have the faster you burn fat away.

Final Thoughts
Barbell training is a great way for women to train in the gym.
It’s effective in building both muscle and strength, and will get almost anyone in shape when combined with a healthy diet.

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One last note is the importance of form when doing barbell lifts. Watch videos of experienced lifters doing the lifts so you can see how it’s done properly. Make sure you are confident and start with lighter weights to prevent any injuries. Looking into hiring a personal trainer to show the basics is also a great idea.