10 Facts About Nintendo That Will Blow Your Mind

10 little known facts about the gaming giant, Nintendo

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Mario's Name

Mario was apparently named after Nintendo's warehouse landlord Mario Segale.


Nintendo Trading Cards

Nintendo was founded in 1989 and one of the first products they sold were trading cards, not consoles and video games. Nintendo continues to sell these cards today.


Nintendo on the high seas

As a thank you to lawyer John Kirby, Nintendo purchased him a boat named 'Donkey Kong'. They also gave him the "exclusive worldwide right to use the name for sailboats".


Mario Porn!!

Nintendo once bought the rights to two Mario parody pornos in an attempt to keep them off the web. Unfortunately for them, multiple other films were made that they did not purchase the rights to which were seen by many, horny nerds.


Nintendo in space

The game boy was the first gaming console to be played in space by Russian Cosmonaut Aleksandr Serebrov playing Tetris.


Popeye the game

Donkey Kong, Mario, and Princess Peach are all based off characters in Popeye. Nintendo did this after failing to obtain the rights to produce a Popeye video game.


Hidden Messages

In the game Metroid Prime 3, when you enter a secret combination of symbols into your ship's computer it displays a message from Nintendo executives Satoru Iwata and Shigeru Miyamoto


Voice Commands

The Japanese version of the NES has a microphone built into the controller. This aloud users to kill certain enemies by shouting at them in the hit game, Legend of Zelda


Real life Mario Kart

A Texas based lab created a go-cart track that used RFID tags slow down, speed up, or spin out based on the power up that they rolled.


Nintendo MLB team

Nintendo owns the Seattle Mariners

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