Which Pixar Couple Are You And Your S.O (Significant Other)?

Which couple is just like you and bae?

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On Jul 22, 2015

It's date night! So... what are you and bae doing?

How did you two meet?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

How do you flirt?

What do you find most attractive about bae?

Flik & Princess Atta!

Flik & Princess Atta!

Couple Stereotype: The annoying one. You know, the whole "No you hang up first!" bit.

1. One of you is very brave and daring, and is willing to do anything for the other. Always humble, and very honest. However, negative.

2. One of you is very popular, however also kind, and plays it safe. Very good-looking, and always being able to see people's true colors. However, can be a bit demanding.

3. You guys work together because you have a lot in common, but at the same time are a bit different. You ended up together after one of you worked hard to win the other's heart, and that one is still working hard. I predict this relationship will last until the old age.

Mike Wazowski and Celia!

Mike Wazowski and Celia!

Couple Stereotype: The every high school movie ever one. Where the outsider and the popular end up together.

1. One of you is very goofy, and forgetful. Very social, but means well. However, too trusting and a little naive.

2. The other one is very, very, serious and determined. No one will get away with mistreating this one. However, this one is too easily irritated.

3. You two work together because of your raw love. Fights end very quickly between you both because of how much you guys care about each other. I predict this relationship will end by someone stealing #2's heart.

Buzz & Jessie!

Buzz & Jessie!

Couple Stereotype: The true goals one.

1. This one is the loud, crazy one. Always up for a challenge, and always looking for ways to have fun. However, can be too much sometimes.

2. This one is the brave, strong one. Also always up for a challenge and always protecting the other one. However, can be a bit cocky.

3. You two work together because you totally balance each other out. Always having fun together, and if you two ever fight, it's over something stupid, for sure. This is probably one of the truest-ever loves. It will last deep after both of you are gone....

Little Bo-Peep and Woody!

Little Bo-Peep and Woody!

Couple Stereotype: The awwww factor. Def the cutest in school, er town that is.

1. This one is super caring and definitely romantic. Always surprising the other with big or little acts of love. However, is a bit clingy.

2. This one is very independent, and the complete opposite of #1. However, is caring and also very brave. But, can be a bit stuck in their own world and needs to give #1 more attention,

3. You two work because, hey opposites attract. With #1 in a dauntless love and #2 in it also, you are perfect together. WARNING: This relationship could end because of #2 not being able to express their feelings.

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