This Man Spent 400K Buying A Slaughterhouse And Saved 2000 Dogs!

Seriously. This man deserves more praise than the internet has to give.

Brad Majors
Created by Brad Majors
On Aug 1, 2016

29 Year Old Wang Yan used to be a Millionaire, but then, one day, his dog went missing. Wang was heartbroken.

Wang and some of his rescues


Wang searched high and low for the pooch, to no avail. He was allowed to search in a nearby slaughterhouse, and even though he didn't find his dog, the scenes he saw there changed his life forever

Wang caring for one of his pups


Wang decided to buy the Slaughterhouse and turn it into an animal shelter. He pretty much went broke doing it, but Wang has saved over two thousand pups at this point!

Wang and some of his buddies!


Although Wang only has 215 dogs at the moment, thousands have been through his shelter and have been successfully adopted!

The pups seem pretty happy!


Nice job, Wang! This Pup giving you a hug is actually from all of us!

Seriously. SO grateful.

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