5 Food Staples Of The World’s Healthiest People

Author Dan Buettner sought out to identify the world’s longest-lived people — communities he calls “Blue Zones.” Here’s what people from the healthiest regions in the world are eating to extend their longevity.

To learn more about what goes into these diets, read "The Blue Zones Solution": http://bit.ly/BZS_WHD

Created by bookworm
On Apr 7, 2016

Sweet Potatoes (Okinawan diet - Okinawa, Japan)

Black-Eyed Peas (Mediterranean diet - Ikaria, Greece)

Avocados (Adventist diet - Loma Linda, California)

Sourdough Bread (Sardinian diet - Sardinia, Italy)

Papayas (Nicoyan diet - Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica)